Relationship or Sex: What do you Really Need?

By LJ Innes

Make Sure You’re Asking for the Right Thing

Full-fledged relationships can rock, but they’re not for everyone. We’re not cookie cutter people. We’re all unique, and we all have unique needs at different times in our lives. Do you know what you need in a relationship, or whether you need one at all? Would you just prefer a rousing romp without all the relationship mess, or would you prefer a lasting union over sex without substance? Whether a matter of preference or circumstance, only you know what you really need, and finding that truth can be freeing and fulfilling.

Honest and Open

It’s not selfish to know what you want and need and to go for it. Life is meant to be enjoyed. If you’re involved with someone, being honest about your expectations and what you’re willing or not willing to give to the relationship keeps the playing field even so everyone can be happy and guilt free. It also gives the person you’re involved with the same freedom you enjoy, the freedom of choice. If they’re looking for a relationship and all you can offer them is great sex, or vice versa, it’s only right to put the cards out on the table so that there are no false expectations.

Just Sex

Some reasons you may just want sex without the relationship …[keep reading]

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