Love and Date an Aquarius

By LJ Innes

Unlocking the Mystery

If an Aquarian had things their way, which they would really like, there would be only 11 signs in the zodiac. Aquarians are independent and very proud of their originality, and they don’t want to be lumped into a group. The person who manages to get the Aquarian’s attention is the one who seems to appreciate them for the unique and somewhat mysterious and magnetic beings they really are. While most people see Aquarians as both friendly and at times frantic, you, as a potential love interest, see them as unique and charming individuals. If you truly understand them, you know that allowed their freedom and independence, your Aquarian will become a loyal, open-hearted partner who will always champion your cause.

Dating an Aquarius

Aquarians love to play the field prior to being in a committed relationship, and they won’t commit until they find someone they can communicate with both verbally and mentally. Like Geminis, Aquarians place a premium on communication. They’ll be plenty of pillow talk between the two of you too. Having common interests is also something that will keep you connected as a couple. Joining clubs that rescue animals or have an interest in preserving the environment will create a deep bond. Aquarians are humanitarians at heart.

Love an Aquarius

If an Aquarian loves you, you can bet they see you as a rare gem. They may have many acquaintances but fewer really good friends, and they would rather … (read more)

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