Weekly Planets and Stars


Moon in Cancer

By LJ Innes

We start this week of January 9th with a Full Moon in Cancer, which just happens to be this writer’s sign. Things can get overwhelming, it’s best to let the day coast (especially since it’s 10pm and the day is pretty much gone) – just showing you what kind of day it was. Whenever things come at you all at once, and you start feeling emotional and like it’s all a little too much, give it up to the sky, because the universe is always changing, and with it, so does the mood of the day. Tomorrow will be better. Cancer’s all about home and family, so sticking close to those bases has a comforting affect.

Friday, January 13!

Yeah! I’ve always loved this day for some reason. While people shutter at the mere number 13 (which in Italy is considered a lucky number), Friday the 13th makes them absolutely faint. I, on the other hand, find it usually a very upbeat day and this year….(read more)

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