Is Your Day Spinning Out of Control? Get Crystal Clear

Crystal Clear on Twitpic

All week long I look for enough time to get everything done that I want/need to do.  Once the weekend comes it’s time to get some crystal clear focus on the tasks at hand.  A little five minute meditation here and there throughout the day helps me get focused when I start to lose the mission.  Writing, cleaning, returning emails, phone calls, studying, researching, more writing and looming deadlines – when they start to whirlpool and spin around, and I feel almost “vertigo,” a few minutes spent with my eyes closed in quiet or listening to soft music is almost as good as a catnap.  Take a few minutes to get crystal clear.  It’s like hitting the reset button on your DVR, suddenly everything starts working again.  Don’t hesitate to just take a little time when you can to relax and renew.  Step outside and listen to the birds chirp, feel the breeze, take a deep breath.  Sounds simple.  It is, and it has amazing results.

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