Inspector Gadget Would Love This

Bluetooth Speakerphone
My New Favorite Gadget

I am so psyched about my new toy, a bluetooth speakerphone.  I wonder if this will be legal by the time the NTSB reads my blog.  They might, you never know.  Inspector Gadget would love to have this baby installed somewhere.

Where I live, using a phone in the car is illegal, although you’d never know it.  You can use a handsfree device but, I just never bother, you still have to find your phone and look down and hit the green button and by the time you do all that, either the caller is leaving you a voicemail or you’re way too close to intimately knowing the driver in front of you.  There is nothing I’m doing that is so important that I need to use my phone while driving, and usually, if I had to use the phone, I’d pull over.  That can be pretty dangerous too, but that’s another story.

But one thing I really wanted this for was for when I was home and my phone was charging in the next room and I’d miss a call when I was actually able to take one.  It just happened.  My friend from Oklahoma called and I was able to have my phone charging in my room while talking to her on my bluetooth speakerphone in the living room.  It was pretty clear, and way louder than the speaker on my phone.  She was in her new Camaro talking to me and listening to me talk through the bluetooth speakers in her car.

Plus, if I did want to take a call in the car, this handy little gadget now allows me to do that safely.  I can just hook it to my sun visor over my head.  I don’t need to look up to feel the huge phone/speaker button.  I don’t look up to grab my parking pass for work, and this would be right next to it.  It’s unlikely I’d get them mixed up.  Still, the only reason I’d probably need that is when I’m on my way to a friend’s house and they call me to pick up milk or something on my way.  See what I mean?  Who are all of these people talking to while driving?  I personally enjoy driving and the solitude of being on the road alone.  Plus, I’d rather be belting out a tune than talking on the phone.  Still, I guess in this day and age, we can’t live without our little gadgets, and we can’t help but justify needing them so badly.

I can hardly believe that I’m excited over something so tiny, yet practical.  I don’t get excited over gadgets like some would, but I guess, like the times, I’m changing too.  When I was young, very young, they didn’t have beepers or PDAs or cell phones or even email.  Now, I can’t imagine living without email or the Internet or even my little bluetooth.  I have the one you stick in your ear, but I hate putting things in my ear.  It bugs me.  Besides, when I was growing up they told us that people that walked around who appear to be talking to themselves and laughing for no reason were crazy and to be avoided at all cost.  I think of that everytime I see someone talking on their bluetooth in the store.  Oh, and by the way, I really don’t feel like hearing what you’re having for dinner tomorrow.  Really?  In CVS?  You can’t wait until you get home or get back in your car?   What a different world.

In my little world though, I am welcoming my new blue friend with open arms, because it is “handsfree.”

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