Heal Your Money Karma

By LJ Innes

About Karma

The word karma originates from the Sanskrit word meaning action or deed. In Indian and Nepalese religions karma is the embodiment of the Law of Cause and Effect which says whatever message we send out into the universe is heard, and that is what the universe sends us back. If you’re experiencing bad money karma, a change in thoughts and attitude towards money can definitely change your financial situation.

Thoughts on the Airwaves

The universe listens to us. As beings born of a divine source, we are directly connected and definitely heard. Just like prayers are heard, so are our thoughts, intentions, feelings and words. They have real power. If you’re having bad money karma, it’s probably because you are always focused on your lack of resources. It’s time to change your attitude towards money and to heal your money karma.

Instead of staring at your online checking account day after day lamenting over never having enough, take a serious look at your spending. What are you bringing in (a good time to also be grateful for that job you say you can’t stand) and what is going out? Does it leave you enough to feed your family and pay the rent? Are your basic necessities being met? Thank the universe for that. Think about what you can do to [read more …]

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