The Stars This Week – December 19, 2011

Tabula Rasa – A CleanSlate

I just love this week, astrologically speaking, and so will you. It’s a new episode complete with love scenes, new seasons highlights and raging ambitions, and you are the star.  Are you ready for your close-up?

Monday– December 19

The Sun sextiles Saturn. Holiday parties hold unexpected fun and odd happenings.  (I unfortunately, missed mine.  Can’t wait to hear the gossip.)

Tuesday– December 20 (Hanukkah)

Venus moves into Aquarius. If you didn’t hook up on Monday, the week still holds promise.  Get out and get social.  Venus also forms some a few hot angles with Jupiter and Uranus, making this the perfect week for holiday parties, and last minute shopping.  Mingle.

Wednesday– December 21 (Winter Solstice)

Sun enters Capricorn. Happy Birthday Capricorn!  Capricorn is the go-getter sign of ambitious pursuits. Don’t just follow your dreams; make your dreams come true.  The sun also squares Uranus and trines Jupiter.  This is a definite black or white day.  Up or down, Jupiter’s influence will help you turn anything around.  Look for the light and follow it.

Saturday– December 24 (Christmas Eve)

New Moon in Capricorn. With the Sun and a New Moon in Capricorn, there’s no stopping you if you want to push an idea forward at work, start something totally new in your career or just go after life itself.  New Moons equal new beginnings and Capricorn is a great proponent.

Sunday– December 25 (Christmas Day)

Jupiter moves forward in Taurus.  Wow, talk about great gifts.  Jupiter entered Taurus in June, but went retrograde at the end of August.  Now it moves forward again.  Jupiter is expansive and generous.  Taurus is a grounded Earth sign.  Together, they make a good mix to help you push your most basic pursuits into high gear.  Jupiter is a visionary and Taurus is about security and comfort, basically economic comfort.  Since Jupiter is a major influencer, this could also be a point where not just personal economy flourishes, but the economy in general.  Let’s hope.

All in all it’s an exciting week where dreams can come true romantically, professionally, and financially.  But it won’t work on its own.  The Universe helps those who help themselves.


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