The Stars Over Central Jersey – Week of December 12, 2011

A welcome relief from Mercury retrograde comes this week on Tuesday the 13th. If you read last week’s article, you may remember how I mentioned that the universe was sort of sending mixed signals. On the one hand certain planetary alignments were forcing us to think about what we wanted for our futures and to start working on the getting there. Meanwhile Mercury retrograde made it almost impossible for us to get our wings in the air. Well, if you’ve been working on a project, waiting to start a new direction, you get the green light to go ahead. Not only that, but now the universe is urging us to “get the lead out” and hurry up a bit. Mars in Virgo is has been giving you practical clues to your future. Aspects this week add a little fuel to the fire. 2012 is waiting for us-you, me, and everyone-so welcome it with open arms, honor it by living life without limits (that’s an expression). You might think this is no time to do the scary or the unexpected, but it appears to be exactly the right time to face our fears, stare them down and walk over them with confidence.
Tuesday – November 13th (evening)
Mercury ends its last retrograde of 2011, just in time for you to run out and grab those holiday electronics without a worry. Remember give those retrogrades a little room – a day or two before or after is a much better bet than running out after work to buy that stereo system on the day it changes direction. Communications get a little smoother, (read more …)

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