Hear What Your Gut is Telling You

By: LJ Innes

See the Signs, Accept the Guidance

We get signs all of the time. Once we start trusting the messages we’re receiving, and not dismissing them for some silly notion or coincidence, we start to realize what a very thin veil exists between us and a little loving intervention.

Guidance or Intuition

Sometimes guidance comes from intuition, otherwise known as our second voice or inner voice. Sometimes though, perhaps in times of desperation or grief or even stubbornness, when our inner voice may be shut off, or even if the time is just right, we receive a little assistance from our spirit guides, our angels and/or perhaps even a loved one watching over us. When we need them most, they are there to step in and guide us along a safe path.

You’re driving down a wrong road and make a wrong turn. You’re lost. You look for a place to pull over, and you see a quaint little store with sunflowers growing all around it. You’ve always loved sunflowers. Something tells you to stop in; you’ve got time, and maybe you can ask for directions. The second you walk in the store, you’re captivated and thinking to yourself how you’d love to own a store just like it. You strike up a conversation with the owner, and you have an instant report. A few months later, the two of you are planning a future and running the store together.

It could happen, just like that. What made you stop there of all places? Was it your intuition, or some type of divine guidance? Does it really matter? Aren’t you just glad that you listened?


Our intuition is as much a part of us as our personality. It’s with us all of the time, whether we choose to pay attention or not. Some of us ignore our intuition, brush it off as if it’s nothing. Others, who are aware of their intuition, rely on it to guide their every move. Most people fall somewhere in between the two. We should at least listen to our own intuition as much or as often as we rely on the advice of others.

Angels and Guides

We have angels and guides looking after us all of the time.  (Read more …)

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