Keep Him or Dump Him: 7 Ways to Know for Sure

When to Hold On and When to Let Go

When a relationship moves from Bliss Street to a dead end street, is it time to move on? Could there be a U-turn up ahead, or is this an impossible one-way street leading to nowhere?

It’s true, we’ve all done it—dated the guy who was all wrong for us. Usually, once bitten is enough, but there’s always a few of us who like the constant challenge and always choose guys who we think are “keep-him” material, while everyone else is saying “dump him.” Could everyone be so wrong, or are you just fooling yourself? If you’re feeling angst and confusion, if you’re not sure if you should keep him or dump him, then here are seven questions you can ask yourself, seven ways that you can know for sure:

1. You’re crazy about him but your friends/family don’t like him; there’s always a hint of tension when you’re all together. Why can’t everyone just be happy for you? You are happy, aren’t you?

2. He moves around your place like he lives there, but you’ve never been to his place. He’ll say, “It’s messy, it’s a guy hangout,” or “it’s too far away.” You’re probably more comfortable at your place anyway.

3. Even though you’ve introduced him to your friends and family, you’ve never met his. You may feel like you know them because he talks about them all the time, but the truth is, you wouldn’t know them if you ran into them head on.

4. He picks fights with you out of nowhere, and then leaves. But the next day you’re together, and it’s Camelot all over again. An “I’m sorry,” a kiss, and all’s forgotten about (read more…)


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