5 Painful Decisions That Can Make Your Relationship Better

X-Painful-Decisions-That-Can-Make-Your-Relationship-Better-150Painful Decisions Can Strengthen Your Love Life

Some decisions come easier than others. Other come with a price and sometimes we have to make painful decisions. If you had to make a painful decision in order to make your relationship better, would you do it?

Some Pain, Some Gain

Life is a series of decisions. From the mundane to the monumental, we have to make decisions every day. When it comes to relationships, the goal is to always make them better. The goal is to grow together and growth can be painful sometimes. But if you and your partner struggle together—if you make the tough, painful decisions together—your bond will grow stronger.

Some decisions are more painful than others. Let’s explore the decisions you may have to make in your relationship and why or how much they hurt.

Painful Decisions That Hurt a Little 

Breaking a bad habit: Bad habits are hard to break. Let’s say your bad habit is smoking. Your partner knew you smoked when you met, and it was their least favorite thing about you. They wish you’d quit, so they ask you to. But asking is the easy part! You’re the one who has to stop smoking and quitting is very, very hard. But if you do quit smoking (or whatever your bad habit is), the rewards will outweigh the pain you feel while you’re quitting. You’ll feel better, look better, have more money in your pocket and your partner will kiss and hug you more.

Cutting back on spending: It’s a good idea to save your hard-earned money for the things you want down the road. Whether it’s a house, kids or a solid retirement fund, saving money when all you want to do is spend it, can be a bit painful. But if you and your partner have shared goals, you both need to sacrifice to make them happen. A little pain now is well worth achieving a certain level of comfort in the future.

Painful Decisions That Hurt a Lot

Relocating for a JobWhat if you were offered a dream job? Would you take it? Of course you would! But what would you do if this dream job required you to move … [click here to keep reading]*

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Your-September-Money-Horoscope-150Your  Money Horoscope: Luck and Unexpected Events

One of the best days in the September Money Horoscope is September 25 when expansive Jupiter forms a perfect angle to unpredictable Uranus. With that combination backed by their current position in fire signs, opportunities to cash in can come from the most unexpected places, according to your Money Horoscope.

Venus in Virgo will cause us all to sit up and take notice of spending vs. security. The truth isn’t always pretty, but it’s enlightening. Venus ends September in balancing Libra, bringing to mind that famous saying, “The truth will set you free.” Financially speaking, this is the month that helps you feel like you can conquer anything.

Here is the September Money Horoscope for your Sun Sign (and your Rising Sign too, if you know it).


Venus moves into your sixth house of work and reputation on the 5th. Somehow the pressure cooker you’ve been in seems to be easing up, allowing you to escape into a new attitude towards money and gain through promotion. You’ll get backing from others near the 14th. You’re moving on up!


The big news in your Money Horoscope is fiery Mars entering fiery Sagittarius on the 13th, lighting up your house of shared resources. Tempers may flare over a financial matter that involves others. If you avoid holding money discussions in a china shop, the results will be more positive and there will be less to clean up afterwards.


Venus rests in your house of home for most of September and that means that your money focus is centered on your living space. If you’d like to work from home—even part-time—this would be the perfect month to set up your office for a successful start.


Venus helps you get organized in your Money Horoscope—a far cry from last month’s influence on … [Click to keep reading]

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Making the Best of an Epic Fail

Make-the-Best-of-an-Epic-Fail-200Don’t Let an Epic Fail Hold You Back!

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail.” If your recent attempt at greatness has turned into an epic fail, then what I’m about to tell you will hopefully incite you to persevere, as Emerson’s quote suggests. Here’s how to make the best of an epic fail!

If you know you’re meant to do something—if you can’t sleep, eat or stop talking about a passion—then you owe it to yourself (and the world) to keep trying. And if you need an incentive to “keep on keepin’ on,” then let me assure you that when it comes to epic fails, you’re in really good company.

Some Famous Examples of Epic Fails

If you’re looking for examples of people who have suffered an epic fail or two (or more) and persevered, you needn’t look far. Plenty of famous people have overcome failure and changed not only their lives, but the lives of others as well.

Walt Disney was once fired for his inability to be creative.

R.H. Macy failed at several retail-related projects and start-ups before starting the retail giant we know as Macys.

Henry Ford almost ruined his professional reputation after several failed attempts at success. Later, he not only founded the Ford Motor Company, he revolutionized the entire auto industry with production line manufacturing.

The one thread that links every one of these people is their belief in their own ability and their unwillingness to quit, even when everyone else told them that they probably should quit.

And if you think it takes money or knowing someone important to … [Click to keep reading]

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Relationship Advice: Should You Always Be Available?

Are-You-Making-Yourself-too-Available-to-Him-200Sometimes the Best Relationship Advice is to Tell Him You’re Busy

When you first meet a guy and you really like him, it’s natural to want to see him all the time—especially when he wants to see you all the time too. But if you’re making yourself too available to him, then things may not turn out exactly as you hoped. Check out this relationship advice.

What a Guy Wants

A guy wants a confident girl with an active and busy life. You had friends, family and work obligations before you met him and so did he before he met you. Now that you’re together, you should fit your alone time in with whatever else is going on in your lives. This means you shouldn’t clear your deck and cancel any plans you have to be with someone. Don’t fall off the radar and push everyone and everything in your life aside for someone else. If you do, you’re saying their time is more valuable than yours.

The guy you’re dating should be fine with you being busy. He should be open to rescheduling if he really wants to see you. Just remember that being too busy is as bad for your relationship as being too available.

The Consequences of Being too Available

1. Your friends and family will feel neglected if all of your free time is devoted to the new guy in your life. They’ll be hurt if you constantly cancel plans with them to be with him.

2. If you make yourself too available, the guy you’re seeing will eventually [CLICK HERE TO KEEP READING ...]

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Relationship Advice: Is Your Neediness Pushing Them Away?

Are You too Needy?

Are You too Needy?

Are You Pushing Them Away?

If you find yourself wondering why they haven’t called in a week or why they’re ignoring your texts, you may have to ask yourself if you’re being too clingy. If you are, your clinginess may be pushing them away. Do you feel like they’re pulling away from you? People tend to pull away when they feel smothered. To regain the balance in a relationship, you have to be willing to give the other person some space.

Your Relationship is Energy

Think of a relationship as energy. If a couple is equal in their attention and affection, there is balance and harmony in their relationship. But if one person gives more than the other person is willing to give, the balance shifts. Then one person becomes distant and the other person becomes needy and desperate for the affection they once had. It can become a vicious cycle and one that has the ability to intensify. The result is a serious relationship crash and burn.

Space and Room to Breathe

Being clingy in a relationship won’t get you the closeness you want. In fact, it will push the object of your affection away. But if you give them space and room to breathe, you’ll draw them closer. It may sound counterproductive, but in order to hold onto something in a genuine way, you need to be willing to let it go.

There’s a big difference between “I want you because I need you,” and “I need you because I want you.” If you want someone desperately because you need them to make you feel whole or complete, that’s a lot of pressure to put on a person and a relationship. It scares people and makes them run and hide no matter how much they liked you in the beginning. When you need someone because you genuinely want to be with them, that’s an entirely different feeling. When you both want to be with one another, the feeling is mutual and the energy between you is equal.

You’re Needy if… 

1. You Call/Text Excessively: What’s excessive? Calling or texting someone several times before they return your call or text is excessive. Don’t assume they’re ignoring you. They could be driving, in the shower or busy at work. They’ll call or text you back. If you call or text them too many times, when they finally get back to you it won’t be pleasant.  [Click Here to Keep Reading ...]

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