Relationship Advice: When it Comes to Love, Are You Settling?

How-to-Know-When-Your-Settling-200The 5 Signs That Indicate You May Be Settling

If you’re contemplating staying in a relationship, even though you know it just isn’t right for you, you’re settling. When you’ve given up all hope of finding Mr. Right, you’re settling for Mr. Right Now. There are many things we do to indicate that we have settled for the person we’re with, and have given up on looking for the person we’re meant to be with. Here are five signs that you’re settling for a person who doesn’t meet your needs, whether they be emotional, physical or mental.

1. You’ve Changed Your Looks, Habits and Behaviors for Them

Do you keep your opinions to yourself in order to avoid arguments?
Have your modified your body or do you dress in a way that only appeals to someone else?
Do you only participate in activities that make them happy?

2. You Overlook Their Intolerable Behavior Because You Don’t Want to be Single

Have they cheated on you one or more times?
Do they disregard your feelings?
Are they overbearing and domineering?
Are they physically or emotionally abusive?

 3. You’re With Them for Superficial Reasons

Are you with them only because they’re attractive?
Does their financial stability attract you more than… [click here to keep reading]

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Here’s What Those “Nice Guy” Breakup Excuses Really Mean

Nice-Guy-Break-up-Lines-200Decode the B.S. Behind the Breakup!

When relationship expert John Gray coined the phrase, “Men are from Mars, women are from Venus,” he was really onto something. Not only are we from different planets, but we also speak different languages. No, we’re not incompatible, but sometimes we could use a little help understanding each other. So here’s a handy little guide that will make decoding his “nice guy” breakup lines a cinch. It won’t make the breakup hurt less—it will still sting—but it will make it easier for you to understand and move on.

I Meant What I Said?

Guys usually say exactly what they mean, but when it comes to delivering breakup lines, they can be a little cryptic. They’re vague for several reasons. Maybe they don’t want to hurt your feelings. maybe they don’t want to get yelled at. Maybe the don’t want to be embarrassed in public. Maybe they just can’t put how they’re feeling into words.

“It’s Not You. It’s Me.”

Translation: “It’s definitely you and I’m not interested in dating you anymore.”

There are a lot of reasons why he no longer wants to date you. There could be someone else or maybe he’s realized you’re not compatible. If a nice guy says this to you, it means he would rather place the blame on himself than hurt your feelings. Also, there’s no possible way you can fix what’s wrong with the relationship because … [click here to keep reading]

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Your July Money Horoscope

Your-July-Money-Horoscope-200Your Money Horoscope: Monumental Moves

The planets closest to us affect our personal lives, while the larger, outer planets affect the population in general. In your July Money Horoscope there are some monumental moves in motion both near and far.

One planet that seems to be constantly on the move is Mercury, and this month Mercury ends its second retrograde of the year on July 1. Mercury will occupy three signs this month, and that planet alone can constantly change the tone or your Money Horoscope. Your job in July is to stay steady and on-point where finances are concerned.

The Luckiest Day of the Year

The big news this month revolves around the planet of expansion and living large—Jupiter. It changes signs mid-month and moves from Cancer to Leo where it will be for the next year. A stellar day for everyone will be July 24 when Jupiter conjuncts the Sun. Some astrologers consider this to be the luckiest day of the year.

Should you be feeling lucky? Let’s check out the July Money Horoscope for your Sun and Rising Sign [click here]

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Love is Apparent – Love is a Parent

Dad Gary Tommy

My Dad and My Brothers

I wrote a special blog to my Dad today in honor of Father’s Day- it’s on my site:  I hope you’ll visit and share your memories of your parents with me and my readers.

Whether you’re dads yourselves or just have one, I’m sure you can appreciate the special bond of a parent-child relationship.

Parenthood doesn’t just come from being related – parents can be anyone who loves us and nurtures our souls as we come into being our own unique selves.  I really believe that whomever you have for a parent instills a special part of themselves in each of us.  It’s not just blood that connects us, it’s our souls.

Click here to read: “Love is Apparent – Love is a Parent

Things I Think About While Waiting in Line

How to Make Waiting Fun – As if you Had a Choice

I’m usually a patient person, except for those times when I’m running late for something which is a good percentage of the time.

If people are annoyed by my tardiness, they should know that I am usually equally annoyed.

When I procrastinate it’s usually on my own time; when I’m late, it’s usually because I’ve been waiting in line somewhere.

Is it me, or is this world getting more and more crowded? Life seems to be all about waiting, waiting and still more waiting – it seems we’re always hurrying just to wait in line.

A lot can go through a girl’s mind while waiting in line. What I think about depends, for the most part, on where I’m waiting.

Silently Fuming

For instance, once while waiting in line at the gas station, I remember thinking, “I hope this car doesn’t run out of gas before I get it to the pump. Is that idiot light getting brighter? Do they do that – do they get brighter?” That gas pump guy doesn’t look very strong; if this car has to get pushed to the pump, I guess he’s doing the steering. Gosh, what if he gets that gasoline smell on my seats?”

Sometimes it seems like the pump guy and the person in the car in front of me are on a date. They’re chatting away while my gas fumes are just floating into nonexistence – then my thoughts start to sound a little like this: “Come on lady. What could you possibly be asking this guy? Get the digits and go already.  Can we please move it along? Hello, I’m burning fumes here.”

[I guess my out-of-line, in-line attitude was your first clue - and probably the gas pump guy was your second; I'm a Jersey girl.  We don't pump our own gas and attitude permeates the air here.  Sometime soon I'll be sharing my theory on the attitude's correlation to the size of the population ... I was a lot nicer when I lived in the South.]

I’m not sure if I think like most people, but I do know that I think a lot faster than I speak which is pretty darn fast, and therefore, I get a lot of thinking done in lines. It may not always be useful thinking, but it does fill the time while I’m waiting in line.

The Conscious Shopper

When I’m at the grocery store waiting in line and I’m buying lettuce and low-fat salad dressing, I’m usually thinking, “Here I am, being good, making good choices and spending wisely,” as opposed to when I’m buying a pint of Haagen-Dazs and a bag of chips (because you can’t do the sweet without the salty), and I’m thinking, “This is going to be the time when Mr. Gorgeous Health Nut steps up right behind me, isn’t it? Gosh, can we get this line moving already, what’s the hold up?”

Most recently, I was on line at a department store buying a gift for my niece’s shower. Moments earlier I had another gift in hand, and there was no line at all.  In fact, I was the next in line – I was the line.  Then I had a brain hiccup and went to get something else instead.

After exchanging one idea for the other, I turned around only to find that there were now six people in line. “Are all those people together? Where did they all come from? Okay, those two are a couple I think and that lady is with her son, and he looks totally bored, by the way. Uh, lady, he’s crawling on the floor and he just picked up someone’s ABC gum (already been chewed). Ewww, he’s eating it. Should I say something?”

Without skipping a beat, I began eyeing the lady in front of me.  The next thought was, “Oh, where did she get that? I didn’t see those on display. Maybe I should get that instead. No, maybe I should just sit tight. What I have is fine. Is it hot in here, or what? Great, now I’m sweating like a pig. Does that lady have a return!!? Oh for goodness sake!  C’mon lady!  You obviously don’t have to work; do you have to do that on a Saturday? Really? Can’t you do this when I’m at work on Monday? Oh this sucks eggs!”

Scanning the Line

When I’m waiting in line, my brain is always working overtime. Some might call me paranoid, line-impatient and some might even say that I’m some sort of savant, but I like to just view it as being overly aware.

I guess part of me is actually paranoid too though, like the times when I worry that I’m expressing myself aloud when I think that I’m actually just thinking to myself. I scan the line up and down looking at the others waiting in line with me. I’m looking for any sign that I’ve just totally embarrassed myself unintentionally.

Inevitably someone in line gives me that tilted head, closed-mouth smile and they top it off with a nod, and then I wonder, “Did they just look at me like that because they heard me, or because they’re just being friendly? Is this line ever going to move?”

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